Serena Brown is a 16-year-old first year college student who has been dancing since she was 6 years old. She is currently the longest standing dancer at the Aim Sky (ASH) High Performing Arts School. Serena has training in all genres of dance at ASH but loves the adrenaline rush of hip hop and feels she is at her best with Street styles.

She works very hard to fulfil the highest expression of herself as an artist, thanks to her dance teachers who encouraged and supported her to achieve her best over the years. From 2010 – 2014 Serena was a member of the successful dance group SuperKidz that competed at advanced level earning regional, UK, European and World titles.

One of the group’s high accolades was winning the HHI UK Championships in 2012 and going on to represent the UK at the HHI World Championships in Las Vegas that same year. SuperKidz split up in 2014 and some of its members joined other competing dance groups.

However Serena continued at ASH undertaking advanced training to ensure she remains outstanding in dance. She also undertook regular training in New York, London and Jamaica even while studying for her GCSEs over the last two years.

Serena has been a member of the TrendKids dance group since it was founded and has shown real commitment to the group’s ethos of setting good examples for peers to follow. She is known for her serene personality and has been encouraged by her family to stay humble but hungry.

Her long term goal is to become a professional dancer/dance teacher. For now she is ready to go back to competitions not only as a group but also as a soloist and possibly competing against her old team mates and rivals.