Intermediate/Advanced Streetdance Rotation Class

£72/ Intermediate/Advanced Streetdance Rotation Class

This class is for children aged 9+ years with streetdance experience. There are two classes: 5-6.30pm and 6.30-8pm. Each week we have a different streetdance/commercial teacher in one slot, and the other slot is afrobeats & dancehall on rotation.

This training is great for children who want a different challenge every week. The different styles of training help to encourage and nurture their versatility as a dancer as children and young people are often trained by the same people every lesson. Learning different skills from different dance teachers allows them to home in on their own preferences and styles. It helps them to discover who they are as a dancer.

Children from different dance schools and teams are welcome to come and train from other places with no obligation to participate in any shows, competitions or performances with our school.

Wednesdays                 5-8pm

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