Intermediate / Advanced Streetdance with Chad Taylor

£28/ Intermediate / Advanced Streetdance with Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor is an artistic director and commercial dance lead on the Shockout Btec and Shockout Arts University professional dance course, leading as a choreographer on several different modules. He is highly regarded in the higher education sector for commercial dance and also frequently produces and performs hip hop theatre work. He is an arts council funded artist, recognised as a key leader in hip hop theatre in the North-West of England.

Chad has vast experience, from working and choreographing commercially to choreographing World Streetdance Champions. Chads ex-students have gone onto worldwide tours with Dua Lipa, appearing in Marvel films and so much more.

This class is for those who really wish to hone in their streetdance/commercial technique and be taught high level concepts to work towards being able to deliver to the standard of a professional dancer. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to progress in dance.


Wednesdays              8-9pm           Age 10-18 years

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